Marjorie Rosenberg’s webinar on YLT Learners Styles

Teachers are challenged by learners’ needs. The challenge lies in establishing an effective method of communicating with the students and customizing instruction to cater to their needs.
Having worked extensively in the field of learning styles as well as cooperative learning, on Jan 11, 2015 at 7:00 AM (EST) Marjorie Rosenberg  discussed these concepts in a webinar called Teaching to Learners of All Styles. With all my heart I recommend the webinar since it is full of ideas on how to understand students learning styles.
Marjorie discussed the following:
● Identifying learners of all styles
● Learner/teacher characteristics
● “Harmonizing/challenging” learners

Second IATEFL English for Specific Purposes Conference in Lublin

IATEFL once again invites to Lublin. This time it is ESP SIG which is organising  a two day conference for all those who teach business English and English  for other specific needs. After the excellent  23rd IATEFL Conferencein Lublin we may be sure that upcoming event will not be less grandeur.   Call for Papers has just been announced and everyone intersted should not plan anything on  15th / 16th January 2015. The venue is the same


as for the past conference and obviously it is University of Life Sciences in Lublin. Second IATEFL Poland ESP SIG Conference will be available online. I could not be at the last edition in person so I was watching this online and this is simply grand. I am convinced that all the annual IATFL conferences should be streamed as well. Below, please find a description of the conference and Mr. Sławomir Nowikowski’s invitation to the event:
The title of the Conference is “Innovative Ideas and Best Practice in Teaching ESP Classes”. The aim is to give all stakeholders in ESP an opportunity to present the latest ideas in their individual fields of experience. This can refer to course design, materials, methods, approaches or qualifications. There are three ways in which you can actively participate in this Conference. All three options can be used either live at the Conference or online:
  1. a) You can offer a forty-minute talk or workshop on good practice experience in the ESP classroom
  2. b) You can offer a forty-minute presentation on new materials and methods
  3. c) In keeping with the theme of innovation, you can also offer a five-minute “short presentation” on any innovative aspect of ESP teaching that you have personally been involved with in your professional experience as an ESP trainer. These five-minute presentations can also be offered either as a live event in the Conference Hall or as an online event in the Open ESP Forum.
We look forward to receiving your proposals. Should you have any questions, please contact: Joanna Rączkiewicz – email: Sławomir Nowikowski – phone: +48 601 219 456
More information to be found at:

Przed IATEFL PL Lublin 2014

Ostatnia prosta przed koferencją IATEFL PL w Lublinie. Czeka mnie tam debiut prelegenta na tak dużym wydarzeniu szkoleniowym. Prezentacja już gotowa. Treść prelekcji poddawana ostatnim zabiegom upiększającym. Gdy przygotowywałem się do tego zadania przejrzałem ostatnie prezentacje jakie przygotowywałem.

Oto jedna z nich. Dość odległa, podsumowująca konferencję IATEFL w Łodzi.