Pre-conference event for Global Issues SIG in Szczecin 16th September


Pre-Conference Event

16th September 2016

Crossing borders in a world of differences.

GLOBAL ISSUES SPECIAL INTEREST GROUP Pre-Conference Event will deal with concepts of similarity and differences. How do these ideas translate into understanding of the world around us?

6 trainers and 4 sessions will lead the participants through gratefulness, understanding of cultural differences, drama and current controversial topics.

The aim of these Friday morning sessions is to inspire teachers to raise global issues within EFL classes, deepen the understanding of controversial topics and explore the “humanistic” factor of compassion to the less fortunate ones and gratitude for what we have.

The event will be also a chance to get first hand experience of some practical tasks to be used in the classroom first day after the conference.

The event is divided into two sessions and each of them split further in two parts. This will hopefully give participants the feel of dynamism and leave them inspired for the rest of the busy conference day.

1st session: 9:00 – 10.30 10-day grateful project and how to see people in people.

Part A: 10-day grateful project – the power of images, a communication bomb, endearing lessons (around 45 mins.)

Abstract: There are lots of projects on offer and numerous topics to discuss in your course books, but the one we are going to talk about will change your and your students life. The only thing you need is a mobile phone, instagram and a will to get involved. We hope to show you how being positive about life can permeate to ELT and the other way round.

Trainers/ lecturers: Monika Izbaner defended her doctoral thesis in 2014. Her research interests include methodology and technological innovations in teaching, public speaking and debationg and also British literature, politics and visual arts. She is passionate about designing her own ELT materials. She has published several major articles devoted to creativity in ELT, Scottish culture and current trends in popular culture.

Hanna Zięba is a lecturer at Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz in the Department of Foreign Languages. Apart from teaching full-time students she also finds satisfaction in working with Erasmus students and teaching at the University of the Third Age. Her other professional affiliation is with Centrum Edukacyjne Lemon House where she teaches different age groups at all levels. She is especially interested in materials design, modern technologies, and psychology.

Part B: So different, yet so alike – how understanding differences makes us humans(around 45 mins.)

Abstract: A practical session on how mastering the language of similarities and differences may bring a deeper understanding of humanity. Examples of how culture and media may teach us to be more human, simultaneously helping develop crucial skills in changing multicultural societies.

Trainer/ lecturer: Marcin Stanowski is a psychologist, trainer and a teacher at Czacki High school in Warsaw. As an avid Moodler and and IT enthusiast obtained European Language Label Award. Several times was a grant holder of Comenius and RELO programmes. Marcin is also Global Issues Special Interest Group Coordinator and runs a blog at 2nd session: 11:00 – 12.30 Global Issues and Drama for better understanding

Part A: Global issues in an EFL classroom (around 45 mins.)


The world is in a crisis, or even is multiple crises: climate change, income inequalities, water wars, refugees, overpopulation, poverty and hunger, child labour, just to name a few. Yet, what makes into the news does not make so easily to the classroom. What is studied by specialists does not easily get into our minds. In this workshop I would like to tackle the most urgent of the global issues and show how to incorporate them in the lessons of English.

Trainers/ lecturers: Aleksandra Zaparucha has an MA in Geography (1989) and English (2001) gained at the Nicolas Copernicus University (UMK) in Toruń, Poland. A teacher of both for 18 years, including CLIL programs. She has co-operated with Field Studies Council, Geographical Association and British Council at various events, courses and publications. She is the author of a series of three lower secondary workbooks for bilingual Geography, published by SOP Oświatowiec and nominated for the ELTon Award in the category of Local Innovation in 2014. For the last 9 year she has been a freelancer, delivering training to English and subject teachers in Poland, as well as numerous countries in Europe and Asia. She is a regular contributor to Geografia w Szkole and The Teacher.

Part B: Drama as a means for raising difficult or controversial topics. (around 45 mins.)

Abstract: Have you ever thought of introducing contemporary issues in your lesson plan? Are you at least a bit into acting? If yes then come and take part in our workshop, where we would like to share with you our idea on drama lessons in this respect.

Trainers/ lecturers: Daniel Starski – graduate of Warsaw University, political science dept, bilateral exchange programme with NorthEastern Illinois University in Chicago and SWPS. 6 years teaching in public schools, 12 years overall. Also interpreter at conferences and for two years affiliated with Busines English Magazine as an author. Currently English teacher at XXVIII Kochanowski high school in Warsaw”

Jolanta Żeromska – graduate of English Philology at the University of Łódź and Geography at Akademia Pomorska in Słupsk. 21 years of experience in high school education, experience in translations and 11 years cooperating with the local OKE. Currently teaching English at V Zbigniew Herbert high school in Słupsk. Interested in innovation in education.


Looking forward, looking back!

I am reclining on the bed in our Budapest place and reminiscing the weekend, listening to Slim Dusty’s Looking forward, looking back, the theme song of the conference.

25th IATEFL Hungary Conference has come and gone… Three wonderful days spent on learning and meeting people. I have been to several conferences for teachers, yet this one was like a family meeting. The atmosphere created by fabulous organisers, the unique location of the Department of English Philology in Budapest, amazing sessions of renowned educators got me thinking of the way I develop as a teacher and teacher trainer.

When Peter Medgyes started IATEFL Hungary I was 10 years old. These inspiring people, whom I have just met, have  been catering for students’ and teachers’ needs for 25 years. They have worked hard to ensure the quality of teaching English. They inspired teachers in all the countries around. Their dedication is stunning. The number of hours devoted to organisation of the event is countless. The multitude of events they initiate every years is impressive. Conferences, planting trees events, taking care of environment,  Learnathon… And they do it with such a great style, trying to satisfy all the needs of members or participants.

What am I doing for other members of my community. Am I doing my best to inspire other teachers?

 This post is to express my deepest gratitude to all of the officials and members of IATEFL Hungary and participants of the Conference for creating the opportunity to learn and share ideas in such a friendly atmosphere. Special thanks go to Nóra, Beatrix, Laszlo, Aniko, Anna, Frank and Barbara. I am also so much greatful to have met Debbie, Zsuzsa, Angelos, Fazli, Magrit, Susanna, Zita and so many others! It was great to talk to you! I learnt a lot from you!

High five to Hanka and Bartek, my amazing teammates! It’s grand presenting with you!


Second IATEFL English for Specific Purposes Conference in Lublin

IATEFL once again invites to Lublin. This time it is ESP SIG which is organising  a two day conference for all those who teach business English and English  for other specific needs. After the excellent  23rd IATEFL Conferencein Lublin we may be sure that upcoming event will not be less grandeur.   Call for Papers has just been announced and everyone intersted should not plan anything on  15th / 16th January 2015. The venue is the same


as for the past conference and obviously it is University of Life Sciences in Lublin. Second IATEFL Poland ESP SIG Conference will be available online. I could not be at the last edition in person so I was watching this online and this is simply grand. I am convinced that all the annual IATFL conferences should be streamed as well. Below, please find a description of the conference and Mr. Sławomir Nowikowski’s invitation to the event:
The title of the Conference is “Innovative Ideas and Best Practice in Teaching ESP Classes”. The aim is to give all stakeholders in ESP an opportunity to present the latest ideas in their individual fields of experience. This can refer to course design, materials, methods, approaches or qualifications. There are three ways in which you can actively participate in this Conference. All three options can be used either live at the Conference or online:
  1. a) You can offer a forty-minute talk or workshop on good practice experience in the ESP classroom
  2. b) You can offer a forty-minute presentation on new materials and methods
  3. c) In keeping with the theme of innovation, you can also offer a five-minute “short presentation” on any innovative aspect of ESP teaching that you have personally been involved with in your professional experience as an ESP trainer. These five-minute presentations can also be offered either as a live event in the Conference Hall or as an online event in the Open ESP Forum.
We look forward to receiving your proposals. Should you have any questions, please contact: Joanna Rączkiewicz – email: Sławomir Nowikowski – phone: +48 601 219 456
More information to be found at: