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I am a small town guy who having discovered teaching profession moved to the capital city of Poland, Warsaw, to grow smarter and face the challanges of teaching in public institutions, private language schools and companies. After the Teacher Training Centre in Ciechanów and a year of private tuition and Public Lower Secondary School in Przasnysz I moved to another Lower Secondary in Warsaw, where I stayed for 6 years. Through this time I did my bit as a class teacher, gradutaed from Warsaw University, Institute of English Philology, where I wrote my MA thesis “Multiple Intelligences and using drama” under the supervision of Prof. dr hab. Hanna Komorowska.

At this time I fullfilled my dream and ambition to have graduated from psychology at Karydnał Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw where I defended my MA thesis “The sense of life and anxiety at teachers with short and and long career span” supervised by Jan Tylka. In 2007 I moved to Thaddeus Czacki Highschool and I have been here since. At my school I have been twice a class teacher and a Students Spokesman, moodle platform administrator, leader of ICT and languages teachers coordinator. I am also responsible for professional development and it is one of the areas I feel really at ease. I like providing training to other teachers during workshops, and eagerly open the gates of my classroom to my fellows. Below you will find some of my other professional experiences: • since 2015 – owner at Meet Up – educational services, • since 2011 – teacher trainer at private educational institutions, • 2009-2011 – e-teacher Empik Online developing and teaching courses, Warsaw • since 2007 – teacher, teacher trainer at 27th T. Czacki High School in Warsaw, • 2002-2008 – teacher, ISO Auditor at 39th Lower Secondary School in Warsaw, • 2002-2009 – teacher, teacher trainer at TFLS – Warsaw, • 2002-2004 – teacher of English at Brittanica School in Warsaw, • 2009-2011 – Warsaw Feis Irish dancing contest organiser, Warsaw • 2001-2002 – teacher at 1st Lower Secondary School in Przasnysz.  Prizes/ grants/ projects so far • 2016 – Global Issues SIG event organiser at IATEFL UK • 2015 – “Let your fire burn” speech at “Twist” conference, Warsaw • 2015 – “Global issues in ELT” speech at IATEFL HU Budapest, • 2015 – “Burnout syndrome in teachers” speech at IATEFL PL Kraków, • 2014 -“Authentic materials” workshop at IATEFL PL conference, Lublin • 2014 – cooperation with Pro Publicum – e-learning system evaluation, Warsaw • 2012 – Poland representative at Partners in Learning European Forum, Lisbon • 2011 – the third prize at Innovative Teachers Contest in Poland, • 2011 – European Language Label for the innovation in teaching English, • 2010 – cooperation with Oxford University Press, coursebook reviews, • 2009 – European eLearning Forum for Education 2 (ELFE 2) In 2006 for the first time I received Comenius 2 .2.c.  grant for the teacher development course  Language and Contemporary Teaching Techniques organized by Bell Centre in Saffron Walden, UK. In 2010 I was again awarded a   Comenius programme grant for education staff. I took part in two weeks development training – Intspeakinginlisbonroduction to Information & Communication Technology for Language Teachers in University of Limerick, Limerick, Ireland. In 2011 I took part in the contest for Innovative Teachers and aI won the third prize which gave me the oppportunity to present my achievements and share with others in 2012 in Lisbon at the Microsoft event Partners in Learning European Forum. DSC_2449The same year I was awarded European Language Label for the innovation in teaching for the project: as a Tool Supporting English Teaching at No. XXVII Tadeusz Czacki Upper Secondary School in Warsaw. In 2006 for the first time I received Comenius 2 .2.c.  grant for the teacher development course  Language and Contemporary Teaching Techniques organized by Bell Centre in Saffron Walden, UK. Other initiatives Between 2002  and 2006 I coorganized International Irish Dancing Competition in Warsaw – Warsawfeis

Hello world… again…

Welcome to blog once again. Niestety, nie udało mi się na razie odzyskać postów z poprzedniej wersji bloga. Część spróbuję odtworzyć ale podzielę się też nowymi spostrzeżeniami na temat uczenia, nauczania i użycia moodle. Do zobaczenia wkrótce… image