Polish film Ida wins Oscars
 (Warsaw Voice article)

Polish film Ida wins Oscars
 from the Warsaw Voice Source : http://www.warsawvoice.pl/WVpage/pages/article.php/30948/news Vocabulary Chunks to comment on:
  • Pawel Pawlikowski’s critics-lauded movie “Ida”
  • Her aunt Wanda, a former state prosecutor
  • Who set out on a road trip to 
  • Has so far garnered over 60 awards
  • withdrawing from the world
  • “Ida” is an intimate drama
Fill in the gaps “We make a film about silence and withdrawing from the world and the _____ for contemplation – and _____ we are, at the epicentre of world noise and attention. Fantastic – life is _____ surprises.” Pawlikowski said accepting the award.

The Pawlikowski movie has so far ______ over 60 awards at film festivals around the world ________ the British Academy of Film and Television Arts award (BAFTA) and has become the most internationally popular Polish _____ in the last 25 years. Comprehension check questions after reading the article:
  1. How many nominations Poland had won for the 87th Academy Awards?
  2. Which polish films were nominated for best documentary short subject?
  3. Why was Pawlikowski was surprised?
  4. Match the words with their definitions:
a. intimate ____ b. postwar ____ c. prosecutor ____ d. withdraw ____ e. novice ___ Happening or existing in the period after a war Someone who is beginning to learn how to do something Private and personal A lawyer who prosecutes people To remove something