Quizlet & Moodle

Some time ago I did my bit for my students recording a short tuturial on the use of quizlet.

I was just about to continue writing and screencasting about quizlet.com when I stumbled upon a great  video that I simply want to share. The location is here to check: http://digitalconnections.edublogs.org/2014/04/22/quizlet-flashcard-sets-and-moodle-a-great-combo/

Since the guy did the job for me I just won’t utter a word. May it suffice to say that thanks to that trick I “designed” total of 100 quiz questions in moodle, ONLY TODAY! I realized that import from quizlet is not such a new thing and many others use it, as shown on this slideshow:
And here too, roughly the same: