What’s in my bag?

Students’ or teachers’ bags are a great source of ideas/ You can use your own bag/wallet/rucksak or (if people are comfortable enough and happy to do it) you can get the person sitting next to use their bags.

But what’s in it?

Take an item out of the bag and discuss what this item is and why its important.  The activity is highly adaptable and I taught it to students from primary uo to adults. It’s a great boost to speaking and could be easily used at public speaking activities.

  1. Asking quetsions: Simply encourage your students to work in pair and make their partners guess what the other is holding in their hand. You may decide to telll them to use a particular type of questions of course.
  2. Playing taboo: A student describing a thing from the bag is avoiding the words which would reveal the object too easily.
  3. Public speaking intro: A student in a pair/ group has to talk about the object for one minute. Their partner’s task is guessing the object but they cannot ask any questions.

I asked my students to take photos of their schoolbags’ content. As I was later on showing the slides one by one we tried to guess whose is the bag and what it tells about the owner.


Table topics – slected for B2+

Hi there,

Another one I use quite often.

The idea of tabale topics comes of course from Toastmasters, but it fits an ELT classroom very well.

I keep them in jars at all times in the classroom and use as warm up or simple as a part of public speaking training.

I usually start with them in pairs so as not to stress out poor fellows to much. We do the table topics in front of the class usually at the end of the year.

Most of the topics that I use for more advanced students come from this source: https://www.dist8tm.org/assets/tm–365-sample-table-topics-questions.pdf


Public speaking & debating resources

I realised  that most of the speaking and debating resources I have always used are either speaking games not requiring any handout or they are  simply power point presentations.

In the following posts  I will post some of my evergreens materials not only so I can share them with others, but also for the fear that if I will not start putting my stuff together in one place, they may soon sink  into oblivion of everyday routines:-).

So here we go….