New Year’s Resolutions lessons Part 1.

Teachers!!! New Year is coming. In Poland that means roughly 120 days of teaching till the end of semester. Obviously, it’s the time for mid term , tests and intensive grading, but…it’s an amazing opportunity to make our students reflect and plan!

Why don’t we take advantage of the fact and bring some deeper thoughts into the classroom. Students planning the future will not only focus on future expressions, but also spend valuable time considering priorities, goals and ways to achieve them.

The Internet is full of ideas, activities and ready-made lesson plans. Here are some of activities I do about New Year’s Resolutions:

  • Familiarise students with some of the most popular ones: Lose weight Get rid of a bad habit Become more organized Maintain a diary

Looking forward, looking back!

I am reclining on the bed in our Budapest place and reminiscing the weekend, listening to Slim Dusty’s Looking forward, looking back, the theme song of the conference.

25th IATEFL Hungary Conference has come and gone… Three wonderful days spent on learning and meeting people. I have been to several conferences for teachers, yet this one was like a family meeting. The atmosphere created by fabulous organisers, the unique location of the Department of English Philology in Budapest, amazing sessions of renowned educators got me thinking of the way I develop as a teacher and teacher trainer.

When Peter Medgyes started IATEFL Hungary I was 10 years old. These inspiring people, whom I have just met, have  been catering for students’ and teachers’ needs for 25 years. They have worked hard to ensure the quality of teaching English. They inspired teachers in all the countries around. Their dedication is stunning. The number of hours devoted to organisation of the event is countless. The multitude of events they initiate every years is impressive. Conferences, planting trees events, taking care of environment,  Learnathon… And they do it with such a great style, trying to satisfy all the needs of members or participants.

What am I doing for other members of my community. Am I doing my best to inspire other teachers?

 This post is to express my deepest gratitude to all of the officials and members of IATEFL Hungary and participants of the Conference for creating the opportunity to learn and share ideas in such a friendly atmosphere. Special thanks go to Nóra, Beatrix, Laszlo, Aniko, Anna, Frank and Barbara. I am also so much greatful to have met Debbie, Zsuzsa, Angelos, Fazli, Magrit, Susanna, Zita and so many others! It was great to talk to you! I learnt a lot from you!

High five to Hanka and Bartek, my amazing teammates! It’s grand presenting with you!